Gerrard Street Kitchen

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Gerrard Street Kitchen 

Orchestrated by the classically trained and gastronomically curious Executive Chef Bader Ali, Gerrard Street Kitchen’s dinner menu features a globally-inspired cuisine where the complex flavors of Japan, Morocco, and Korea sit side-by-side on the menu with British, Italian, and Indian culinary fare. Our menu features favorites such as Paratha Tacos and Korean Crispy Chicken Wings and signature cocktails such as the gin-based Ten Thyme smash or the fragrant Lavender Lemonade mocktail. End your dining experience with a delicious dessert.

Hours of Operation

Wednesday - Sunday; 5pm - 9pm
Happy Hour 4pm - 6pm


Saturday & Sunday; 9am - 3pm


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If you have any questions, please call the restaurant at 202-521-7171